ElephantEars press

Uncorrected Proof 
by Louisiana Alba 

A slow-burn literary thriller, very funny, ironic, caustic postmodern tale set in the worlds of writing and publishing

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‘Can something be playfully and overtly postmodern and still be readable – driving you through a compelling plot? Louisiana Alba proves it can be done......I was completely absorbed in this book.’ Angela Meyer

“a high wire act that literally co-opts the style of dozens of literary untouchables and pop culture icons from James Joyce 
to Jimi Hendrix, Anthony Burgess to Andy Warhol, Ernest Hemingway to Quentin Tarantino..” 
Paul Duran

THe Journal of Experimental fiction 
“We are reminded exactly how enormous this artform can be” 
Eckhard Gerdes

ElephantEars press distributed IN THE USA by
Small Press Distribution, Berkeley, CA

Paperback: 305 pages
ISBN:  978-0-9558676-0-6
B format 197mm x 128mm

The Story: His espionage novel stolen by a celebrity ‘sweeper’ author, Archie Lees embarks on a helter-skelter odyssey seeking justice inside the dark worlds of Anglo-American publishing, the tale swinging from London to Barcelona, New York, Aigues-Mortes and back again over twelve months, November 2003 to October 2004.

The Style: Louisiana Alba ransacks categories, voices and genres excavating plagiarism and influence, reanimating modernism, realism, magic realism, poetry, pop, drama, screenwriting and the postmodernist novel, defrocking the methods and madness of major and minor literary techniques and reputations in a century of writerly solitude.

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