The Renne-sur-mer film festival on the French Riviera is torn apart by young protesters pouring through the town and kidnapping American producer, Larry Winsteeg, and making him as their hostage as they occupy a cinema and demand reforms.

In times of seizure and dysfunctionality all over the globe,

ElephantEars Press offers Lou Alba’s new novel.

Demonstrators fight the authorities on land. Out to sea a Russian film impresario mounts a promotion, wires from a helicopter transporting his Shark in a tea-cup art-piece snapping. The cup disintegrates on a swimming platform, the shark swallowing a speedboat driver.

Freed, bankrupt Larry chases gold billionaire Bella Fibben to bankroll his cinematic failures, employing a blacklisted writer to follow her every move.

Renne-Sur-Mer descends into ten days of pandemonium. A festival coup leads to organisational paralysis, cancelled film timetables. Cineaste demonstrations turn violent as police attack. A rogue shark circles out in the bay. A mega-explosion lights up the night sky. An unidentifiable body turns up consumed by crabs on a sloop. Improvisational acts of bravery battle self-promotion for the media’s attention.

Begged to help, the former festival head returns, setting out to find a solution for bringing democracy and peace back to the Mediterranean town.

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© All rights reserved ElephantEars Press

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