‘On Violence’ by John Donne + me

No cop or copette is an island
Entire of her or his-self
Each peace a piece of entertainment
A part of late in the nightly joke.
If a clod he or she be wash them in the sea
Everywhere is the more for less
Far better for the less they be
For their violence against our own
Against my friends that once breathed
Every death diminishes them and me
For we are humankind or no?
Then ask me not to ever know
For whom the bell is tolling now
It tolls for Us just as it does for thee.

Uncorrected Proof

His espionage novel stolen by a celebrity ‘sweeper’ author—Archie Lees—embarks on a twelve-month odyssey for literary justice inside the dark worlds of Anglo-American publishing in London New York, Barcelona and Aigues-Mortes.



A century after Joyce let Leopold Bloom loose in Dublin, Alba unleashes Archie Lees and a supporting cast of post-Iliadian characters in twelve off-battlefield war-torn months of literary mania.

Excavating and ransacking the themes of plagiarism and literary influence, Lou Alba re-categorises categories⏤reanimating modernism, spiked realism, magic realism, poetry, pop, drama, cookbooks, diaries, how-to-books, history texts and postmodernist, metafictional novels⏤re-presenting 20th century writing in a ‘glittering array’ of literary experientialism, parodically defrocking the method  and madness of major and minor literary techniques and reputations in one hundred years of writerly solitude.