“There are innovators, masters and imitators”

– Ezra Pound.

Charles Bukowsky and Vincent Van Gogh were innovators.

Bukowsky didn’t get the awards and Van Gogh didn’t get the money. Listen to America’s finest independent publisher on Bukowsky.

Karbara The First Born

A film on the First National Black Playwrights Conference and Workshop held January 1987. Invited into the Sydney Film Festival, June 1987, and Pincher Creek Indian Film Festivals of 1989 & 1990, Karbara was first broadcast on ABC TV. 

Rediscovered by the film’s director and producer from the Flinders University Library, this 16mm documentary-drama is an important record of Australian film and theatre history, a documentary-drama gem, weaving fiction, fact and metafiction in a moving piece on creative effort and cultural dreams.

Lew Collins unleashes Archie Lees and a disorderly cast of post-Iliadian characters in twelve dysfunctional off-battlefield-torn months of 21st century literary mania

(reviews below).

New 2022 ‘proof’ edition