From the Elephant

His espionage novel stolen by a celebrity ‘sweeper’ author, Archie Lees embarks on a twelve-month odyssey for literary justice inside the dark book worlds of Anglo-American publishing in London, New York, Barcelona and Aigues-Mortes.



A century after James Joyce let Leopold Bloom roam in the streets of Dublin, Louisiana Alba creates Archie Lees and a supporting cast of post-Iliadian characters into twelve off-battlefield war-torn months of literary comedy-mania. Alba excavates and ransacks the themes of plagiarism and literary influence, re-categorising categories, finding new generic voices in⏤reanimated modernism, spiked realism, regenerated magic realism, found poetry, pop, drama, cookbooks, diaries, how-to-texts and postmodernist, metafictional novels⏤re-presenting 20th century writing in an extraordinary array of literary experientialism, parodically defrocking the method  and madness in major and minor literary techniques and reputations in one hundred years of writerly solitude.

Fiction for the enlightened. For a look inside Louisiana’s Uncorrected Proof click here.

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