State-sponsored Violence

Watching the New York Times video of the Philadelphia SWAT team violence against peaceful protesters was sickening but it was also outrageous because it was premeditated and it has happened before. Cowardice comes in many forms but today’s most prevalent image is a cop hidden inside heavy armoured clothing.

Everyone who participated in this crime, caught on camera meeting out violence, should be fired and then prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Such as the law is – of course.

Tolstoy wrote of coercive legislation in the 19th century. How States control their citizens with violence. We need new – better law. We need better representatives.

While many prisons are filled with people there only for activities traceable to their economic enslavement and deprivation.

Saying anyone from a poor background chooses a life of crime ignores the social-facts staring us in the face. Some sorts of crimes of course – Wall Street crimes – such as we have witnessed – will always go unpunished. Bankrupt an entire society and you get to lie low awhile – and then you cash in your options. Steal ‘bread’ in order to live and you could-well go to jail for a disproportionate amount of time.

We are at a turning point in Human Civilization where East and West, North, South and coloured and uncoloured are almost equal with Covid-19. Almost – because as we know the disadvantaged suffer disproportionately.

Message to politicians and police – the bell tolls for thee. Time’s up.

Grow a Heart. Get some Empathy. Hear the cries. Start administering for the disenfranchised and those of colour and economic privation. Reverse the injustices. Provide opportunities for those who have been systematically disempowered.

Tolstoy and the police